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Clearwater Community Band and Jazz Band FREE CONCERT

Published: 2020-01-26T05:02:33Z 

The Concert Band will be performing favorites such as La La Land, Mambo No. 5 and Trumpeters Pray featuring Renee Pownall and our Jazz Band ...

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Harry's princely earnings won't be enough to buy Meghan the celebrity lifestyle she wants

Published: 2020-01-26T00:11:15Z 

Back when I was a baby journalist on Tatler, we'd regularly hold features meetings about how rich everyone was. One question that seemed to torment ...

Celebrity chef Ken Hom: veg diet wards off my cancer

Published: 2020-01-26T00:11:15Z 

When Ken Hom was diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 years ago he was, he says, in "shock". The celebrity chef, who came to fame after the launch ...

Movie News Update

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If It Bleeds We Can Kill It: 10 Movie Monsters From The 80s Ranked By Toughness

Published: 2020-01-26T03:00:00Z 

The decade of excess is responsible for some of the most impressive movie monsters in cinema. Suddenly the horror, sci-fi, and slasher genres were ...

'Captain Marvel 2': Will a Woman Direct the Movie ?

Published: 2020-01-26T01:52:30Z 

This made Anna Boden the first woman to direct a live-action movie that grossed $1 billion. Boden co-directed the movie with Ryan Fleck. Captain ...

Best Netflix movies : January 2020

Published: 2020-01-26T01:52:30Z 

Below, we've rounded up the best Netflix movies you'll find in the US. With such a vast catalog to choose from, you can easily waste hours thinking of ...

Last Year, Americans Averaged Nearly Twice As Many Trips To The Library As To The Movie Theater

Published: 2020-01-26T01:41:15Z 

Libraries are still easily the most popular common cultural activity in the US, a new Gallup poll has confirmed. American adults took an average of 10.5 ...

How Accurate Is The New Lifetime Movie 'Chris Watts: Confessions Of A Killer'?

Published: 2020-01-26T01:07:30Z 

How the Lifetime movie "Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer" is chillingly like the real case where the father killed his wife Shanann, daughters Celeste ...

The Assistant Is the First Great Movie About Me Too

Published: 2020-01-26T00:58:19Z 

Whenever Jane (Julia Garner) has to write an apology email to her boss, the other assistants in the room reflexively come up behind her to suggest ...

'Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made' Movie Review – Disney+ Comes to Sundance

Published: 2020-01-26T00:56:15Z 

2016 was a landmark Sundance year when Netflix and Amazon started buying the biggest buzz movies of the festival. By 2017 the streaming services ...


Published: 2020-01-26T00:20:17Z 

Emma. is an upcoming comedy-drama film directed by Autumn de Wilde and written by Eleanor Catton. It is based on the 1815 novel of the same ...

Disney+: Every New Movie And TV Show Coming To The Streaming Service In 2020

Published: 2020-01-26T00:00:00Z 

Disney+ original movies have already gotten off to a good start. Classic Disney fans were treated to the live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp at ...

Queen Latifah, Mary J Blige, Missy Eliot produce Lifetime movie on gospel legends The Clark Sisters

Published: 2020-01-25T22:41:15Z 

Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, and Missy Eliot have teamed up to executive produce Lifetime's TV movie "The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel," ...

New Mutants Cast Have Finally Seen Their X-Men Movie

Published: 2020-01-25T22:18:45Z 

The New Mutants was recently screened for the cast of the long-delayed movie. As the final movie in Fox's long-running X-Men franchise, the journey ...

Special showing of movie '1917' to benefit Norwich WWI memorial fundraiser

Published: 2020-01-25T21:56:15Z 

Norwich — A special viewing of the Golden Globe Award-winning movie "1917" will be held at the AMC Theaters at Lisbon Landing as a fundraiser for ...

Uncharted movie bumps Masters of the Universe off March 2021 release date

Published: 2020-01-25T21:21:40Z 

Sony Pictures still thinks its Uncharted movie is coming out at some point during our current space-time continuum, even as it hunts for yet another ...

How the Salt Lake Children's Choir made it to the big screen

Published: 2020-01-25T21:02:22Z 

Although "The Last Full Measure" is not a kids movie, having received an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America for war violence and ...

Capitol Theatre

Published: 2020-01-25T20:49:38Z 

See The New Mutants Cast Assembled To Finally Watch The Movie Years Later

Published: 2020-01-25T20:48:45Z 

Nearly two years after The New Mutants was filmed, the teen horror movie starring X-men characters has finally been screened! The Fox-produced ...

'Uncharted' movie delayed to March 5th, 2021

Published: 2020-01-25T20:15:00Z 

So much for the Uncharted movie having a reasonably firm release date. Sony's Columbia Pictures has delayed the release of the game-inspired ...

'The Mole Agent' Review: The Most Heartwarming Spy Movie Ever Made

Published: 2020-01-25T19:47:08Z 

There's a certain immersive thrill that comes from documentaries that hide themselves, and "The Mole Agent" epitomizes that appeal. Chilean director ...

Benedict Cumberbatch Stars In His Best True Story Yet: 'Ironbark' – Sundance Movie Review

Published: 2020-01-25T18:45:00Z 

Benedict Cumberbatch has started in a lot of true stories. Most are the stories of well known historical figures like Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, ...

'The Night House' Review: A Haunted Rebecca Hall Carries One of the Loudest Horror Movies ...

Published: 2020-01-25T18:35:30Z 

Once you have your first brush with Death, it can seem like it's always calling to you from the far shore of the river Styx. After dodging a bullet or losing ...

Entertainment News Update

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Grammy nominee Caspar Babypants tells how he found his voice making music for children

Published: 2020-01-26T06:34:51Z 

SEATTLE — The 62nd annual Grammy Awards are Sunday night and one of the artists nominated is Seattle's own kindie rocker Caspar Babypants. His real name is Chris Ballew. Ballew was the former lead singer for the Seattle rock band The Presidents of ...

Caitlin McCrary crowned Miss UNA 2020

Published: 2020-01-26T06:15:00Z 

FLORENCE — Caitlin Hope McCrary, of Double Springs, was crowned Miss UNA 2020 on Saturday and will move on to compete for the title of Miss Alabama. McCrary is a UNA senior majoring in Collaborative Education. She performed a monologue for the ...

Inside Sundance's Controversial Doc on Russell Simmons Rape Claims: 'I Was Reduced to Nothing. I Was Trash.'

Published: 2020-01-26T06:07:23Z 

There's been a deafening two weeks of controversy surrounding the documentary On the Record, which chronicles allegations of sexual misconduct, abuse, and rape by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. The film, which premiered Saturday evening at the ...

Goop on psychedelics isn't bad, it's just boring

Published: 2020-01-26T06:04:48Z 

It would be very easy to dunk on The Goop Lab, the new Netflix extension of Gwyneth Paltrow's jade-egg-and-vagina-candle-hawking wellness brand. I went into the first episode, "The Healing Trip", which is about the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs, ...

'Klaus' Wins Big at Annie Awards for Animation

Published: 2020-01-26T06:00:26Z 

The Netflix movie won seven Annies including best animated feature and director, and the streaming services' 'I Lost My Body' won three trophies including best independent animated feature. Courtesy of Netflix. Klaus, Sergio Pablos' Santa Claus origin story ...

Dolly Parton's Stampede returns for 33rd season of family fun

Published: 2020-01-26T05:52:08Z 

When Dolly Parton's Stampede opens for its 33rd season on Jan. 17, guests quickly will understand why a trip to this most-visited dinner attraction in the world is unlike any entertainment experience they've ever encountered. The Stampede features an ...

The Gift review – a deft portrayal of prejudice

Published: 2020-01-26T05:30:19Z 

Belgrade theatre, ...

'Dick Johnson Is Dead' Review: A Touching Elegy to a Man Who's Still Alive

Published: 2020-01-26T05:15:30Z 

The title of "Dick Johnson Is Dead" doesn't lie, but it's not exactly truthful, either. Dick Johnson dies many times in his daughter Kirsten's poignant and personal documentary, starting with the opening credits. And yet he's very much alive the whole time, ...

A princess spa day

Published: 2020-01-26T05:06:07Z 

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- Trinity Gyetvai is four years old and was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Trinity and her mother Sasha have been living in the Ronald McDonald house in Gainesville for the past two months. In that time, Trinity goes from doctors ...

Saturday Night Live recap: A 'very chill' Adam Driver goes to hell and back (and, yes, Kylo Ren appears)

Published: 2020-01-26T05:03:19Z 

Welcome back, dearest Coneheads, to SNL in Review: 2020 edition. It's a new year, and a new decade. Well, in the latest nod towards history, technically this is the kickstart of Saturday Night Live's sixth decade in existence! And who better to marshall in this ...

Sonny Grosso | Retired NYPD cop of 'French Connection' fame

Published: 2020-01-26T05:00:13Z 

NEW YORK — Sonny Grosso, the larger-than-life NYPD detective whose fast-and-furious crime-busting with partner Eddie Egan became the basis of the 1971 hit movie "The French Connection," died Wednesday, a family member confirmed. He was 89.

Letter: Harry and Meghan were Royal 'when it suited them'

Published: 2020-01-26T05:00:09Z 

IF PRINCE Harry is to be believed, the whole sorry Sussex Saga came about because of a desire for he and Meghan to escape the spotlight. So why, on Sunday night did an obviously embittered Harry arrange a 'private' gathering (from which the press were ...

'Saturday Night Live' Impeachment Cold Open Goes To Hell With Adam Driver, Jon Lovitz Cameos

Published: 2020-01-26T04:58:00Z 

Saturday Night Live returned this weekend after a lengthy hiatus, just in time to take on President Donald Trump's impeachment trial. For SNL's version of the historic Capitol Hill proceedings, Cecily Strong played GOP Sen. Susan Collins alongside Beck ...

Pain and Glory Wins Big at Spain's Goya Awards

Published: 2020-01-26T04:46:00Z 

MALAGA, Spain — Pedro Almodovar's Oscar-nominated "Pain and Glory" was the big winner at the 34th Goya Awards, Spain's top film honors, held in Malaga on Saturday night, going home with seven awards including best actor for Antonio Banderas, best ...

I'll take a bottle of Irn-Bru and a lie down over $200 quick fix from 'the hangover dude'

Published: 2020-01-26T04:31:40Z 

Sunday Mail columnist John Niven wonders what Rabbie Burns would have made of the US fad of IV treatments to deal with the consequences of a heavy night out. Share. John Niven. By. John Niven. 04:30, 26 JAN 2020. Newsopinion. Enter your postcode ...

Russell Simmons Documentary Premieres Amid Controversy

Published: 2020-01-26T04:10:00Z 

PARK CITY, Utah — Outside the Sundance Film Festival premiere of "On the Record," the documentary about women who have accused the hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct, a truck flashed an electronic sign in support of survivors: ...

Channing Tatum And Jessie J Appear To Be Back On Based On His Thirsty Instagram Content

Published: 2020-01-26T03:53:12Z 

Channing Tatum and Jessie J are one of the most delightfully unexpected celebrity pairings of recent times – they started dating in 2018, but then appeared to call things off late last year. As of this weekend, though, they seem to be back on, with Tatum posting ...

Actor's parents host 'Richard Jewell' screening at Vassar Theatre

Published: 2020-01-26T03:50:37Z 

The story of Richard Jewell is now a major motion picture and the actor who's playing him in the film is from Saginaw. "He was so witty and a pretty smart kid coming up with things and at home, he was just funny," said pastor Paul Hauser. He said his son Paul ...

WWE Royal Rumble 2020: Last-Minute Rumors Suggests Several Legends And Stars Will Be Surprise Entrants

Published: 2020-01-26T03:48:29Z 

The Women's Royal Rumble doesn't have a ton of confirmed entrants heading into Sunday's pay-per-view, but some of the variables may have been revealed. According to Pro Wrestling Insider, Molly Holly, Beth Phoenix, Sasha Banks, Shayna Baszler, and ...

Taylor Swift shares she struggled with an eating disorder

Published: 2020-01-26T03:43:00Z 

Taylor Swift talks about overcoming an eating disorder in her new Netflix documentary, "Miss Americana," which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival Thursday night. The singer spends a few minutes on the topic, saying in a voiceover, "It's not good for me ...

Television News Update

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Reading comes in all sort of forms

Published: 2020-01-26T06:56:15Z 

Some of the best stories we can engage in can also be found on television, movies and even in podcasts. Growing up, I would hear people say that ...

Book Excerpt: How The Television Boom Took Hold In India

Published: 2020-01-26T05:48:45Z 

Excerpted from 'Words, Sounds, Images- A History of Media and Entertainment in India', with permission from HarperCollins Publishers India.

Winning Big on National Television – Observations from Sixers 108, Lakers 91

Published: 2020-01-26T05:26:15Z 

Raise your hand if you had Shake Milton starting a national television game against the LA Lakers on a Saturday night in late January. . . . Yeah, me ...

The week in podcasts and radio: Drilled; Discovery – Ecological Grief

Published: 2020-01-26T05:26:15Z 

Drilled | Critical ...

Looking for award-winning movies or TV shows? Don't forget your local library

Published: 2020-01-26T02:15:00Z 

If award-winning television is more your thing, we have many of those winners as well. We have on order winner of Best Musical or Comedy and Best ...

Crowd Shot Of WWE Worlds Collide They're NOT Showing On Television

Published: 2020-01-26T00:45:00Z 

WWE brought Worlds Collide to Houston on the night before the Royal Rumble. Perhaps Houston didn't get the message. Click here for our complete ...

Outlands Television on Twitter: "The opening of the brand-new Hammond Robotics facility in ...

Published: 2020-01-26T00:31:49Z 

The opening of the brand-new Hammond Robotics facility in Solace has been put on hold after a break-in caused millions of dollars in damage.

Disney+: Every New Movie And TV Show Coming To The Streaming Service In 2020

Published: 2020-01-26T00:00:00Z 

One of the ways that television truly makes the world smaller is by showing us places that many of us will never actually go. Travelogues are popular ...

Kites, games and that polar plunge highlight 40th Okoboji Winter Games

Published: 2020-01-25T23:26:15Z 

OKOBOJI, Iowa -- The 40th annual University of Okoboji Winter Games offered plenty of activities Saturday for family members of all ages.

Piers Morgan boycotting National Television Awards 'as same people always win'

Published: 2020-01-25T21:17:15Z 

Piers Morgan is boycotting the National Television Awards, moaning the same people always win – and host David Walliams makes his skin crawl.

American Idol: Why Each Of The Judges Left The Show

Published: 2020-01-25T19:52:30Z 

Television in the early 21st century has undeniably been shaped by the success and influence of American Idol, but the famous TV show hasn't ...

Green Lantern HBO Max Series Excites Arrow's David Ramsey

Published: 2020-01-25T19:28:22Z 

The Green Lantern HBO Max series is also described as "unlike anything seen on television" and may have been teased in the Crisis On Infinite ...

Kochi Times Most Desirable Women on Television 2019

Published: 2020-01-25T18:22:30Z 

Kochi Times Most Desirable Women on Television 2019 ... who have made it to the list of Kochi Times 15 Most Desirable Women on Television 2019.

China's Lunar New Year TV recognizes doctors and patients amid Wuhan outbreak

Published: 2020-01-25T18:16:57Z 

The hosts of China's annual New Year television broadcast will be adding a special commemorative message in honor of those impacted by the ...

NWA Hard Times Results: 16 Man Tournament To Crown New NWA Television Champion

Published: 2020-01-25T17:59:58Z 

While the most iconic title in the National Wrestling Alliance is the Ten Pounds Of Gold, their television title has a storied history as well. As part of the ...

10 Best Holiday Episodes Of TV Shows (That Aren't About Christmas)

Published: 2020-01-25T17:26:15Z 

When the winter holiday season comes around, it is impossible to not see an episode of a television show that has been themed to Christmas, ...

Grant Gustin And More Honor Stephen Amell And Arrow Before Series Finale

Published: 2020-01-25T17:26:15Z 

And the legacy he's leaving is pretty incredible. You know, we almost have our own Justice League on television, and the universe is massive and he ...

A Canadian water taxi driver says he refused to take a Japanese television crew to Prince Harry ...

Published: 2020-01-25T17:03:45Z 

A water taxi driver told CBC radio host Carol Off that he refused to transport employees of a Japanese television company to a Vancouver Island home ...

Vicky Pattison shows off her flawless complexion as she goes makeup free for a dress fitting ahead ...

Published: 2020-01-25T16:52:30Z 

The Geordie Shore star, 32, went makeup free to show off her natural beauty as she shopped for an outfit ahead of this week's National Television ...

Television adventurer returns to New Mexico

Published: 2020-01-25T16:41:15Z 

Copyright © 2020 Albuquerque Journal. Darley Newman is always up for an adventure. That's why she hosts the series "Travels With Darley.".

Celebrity News Update

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Dine like a star at celebrity -owned restaurants

Published: 2020-01-26T03:33:45Z 

Celebrity-owned restaurants are spread throughout the United States. As such, it should come as no surprise that with the number of "stars" — music, ...

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Published: 2020-01-26T00:45:00Z 

The New York Times reached out to nine Democratic presidential candidates to ask them the same set of questions on video. Seven accepted the ...

From self-partnered to consciously uncoupled — are you familiar with the latest celebrity lingo?

Published: 2020-01-26T00:11:15Z 

WHEN Emma Watson told Vogue a few months ago she doesn't like the term "single", preferring instead to call herself "self-partnered", I almost spat ...

Horoscopes and celebrity birthdays for Sunday, Jan. 26

Published: 2020-01-25T21:56:15Z 

Today's Birthday (01/26/20). Together, you can accomplish powerful victories this year. Strong plans are fundamental for building dreams.

Part of the Family! Here Are the Cutest Celebrity Pet Parents

Published: 2020-01-25T21:45:00Z 

They might be more wealthy and famous than us, but there is one thing that we can relate to when it comes to celebrities and their lives: pets — and ...

All The Celebrities Spotted At The 2020 Sundance Film Festival

Published: 2020-01-25T21:33:45Z 

Celebrities have descended upon Park City, Utah, which can only mean one thing—the 2020 Sundance Film Festival is in full swing. Stars like Kerry ...

Amy Guth 1/25/20: Re-thinking DNA tests, other effects of the coronavirus, & celebrity sightings

Published: 2020-01-25T21:33:45Z 

In the first hour, she discusses the Coronavirus, the burgeoning marijuana industry in Illinois, and asks for your favorite celebrity sighting stories. Later ...

The Masked Singer's Octopus teased as I'm A Celebrity star and viewers are baffled

Published: 2020-01-25T20:26:15Z 

The Masked Singer's Octopus has left fans baffled with her recent performance, which teased she's an I'm A Celebrity star. Taking to the stage with an ...

Can You Match the TV Commercial Voiceover to the Celebrity ? (VIDEO)

Published: 2020-01-25T19:52:30Z 

Some Hollywood stars don't mind stepping in front of the camera for TV commercials — hello, Lincoln driver Matthew McConaughey — while others ...

The Best Celebrity 'Dolly Parton Challenge' Memes on Instagram

Published: 2020-01-25T19:41:15Z 

Dolly Parton is a trendsetter. Last week, she posted a meme with photos of LinkedIn Dolly, Instagram Dolly, Facebook Dolly, and Tinder Dolly ...

30 Fun-Filled Snaps From Bebe Rexha's 3rd Annual Women in Harmony Brunch

Published: 2020-01-25T18:33:45Z 

Bebe Rexha brought together fellow female music artists for her third annual Women in Harmony brunch on Friday. The 30-year-old singer cohosted ...

Taylor Swift Explains Why She Fell in Love With Joe Alwyn

Published: 2020-01-25T18:22:30Z 

"Joe loves acting but doesn't want to be a celebrity," the source said. "They both agree that, for their relationship to keep working, they want to keep ...

Celebrity Waiter 2020

Published: 2020-01-25T18:11:15Z 

A Knight of Royals at Bella Vida on February 29 Santa Clarita Magazine is proud to feature the SCV Senior Center's Celebrity Waiter event. This year's ...

What's New in the Celebrity Weed World?

Published: 2020-01-25T18:00:00Z 

As the wave of cannabis legalization sweeps across North America, more and more celebrities are embarking on business ventures in the booming ...

Jennifer Aniston Reveals Information About Her Past, Including Her First Celebrity Crush

Published: 2020-01-25T17:37:30Z 

She discussed her first kiss and her first celebrity crush, which happens to be Shaun Cassidy, according to Fox News. While Aniston is known for liking ...

Ella Mai, Tinashe, and Saweetie Stun at a Grammys Preparty — See Who Else Attended!

Published: 2020-01-25T17:15:00Z 

Ahead of the 62nd Grammys ceremony, some of music's rising stars united at a luncheon hosted by Instagram. On Jan. 24, young singers and ...

Gigi Hadid Arrives in NYC Wearing This Celeb-Favorite Dr. Martens Boot

Published: 2020-01-25T17:03:45Z 

Many other celebrities seem to be fans of this silhouette, including Hailey Baldwin, who was spotted wearing the white colorway version both at the ...

Fiona the celebrity Hippo at Cincinnati Zoo celebrates 3rd birthday with special cake

Published: 2020-01-25T15:45:00Z 

Fiona became a national celebrity when she was born severely premature at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2017. She only weighed 29 pounds, 25 pounds ...

5 Celebrity Couples Who Hate The Spotlight (& 5 Who Love It)

Published: 2020-01-25T15:33:45Z 

Being a Hollywood couple can have its perks but it can also have some drawbacks. There are several celeb power couples who love being in the ...

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Planning A Luxury Wellness Cruise—Get All The Details Here

Published: 2020-01-25T15:33:45Z 

Goop at Sea will take place on the soon-to-debut Celebrity Apex from August 26, 2020 through September 6, 2020. Paltrow and goop's chief content ...