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Theater News Update

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Beverly Arts Center Theater Youth Stage 'Mamma Mia!'

Published: 2019-07-31T05:15:00Z 

Beverly Arts Center Theater Youth Stage 'Mamma Mia! ... about theater through the creation of professional-level productions—from stagecraft through ...

THEATER | 'The Taming'

Published: 2019-07-31T05:02:54Z 

Local theater company Aspie Works brought the play to Rochester as a staged reading in 2017, and this time will present it as a full production.

Trustus Production at Columbia Children's Theater Examines Motherhood in all Forms

Published: 2019-07-31T03:56:15Z 

There's a lot wrapped up in how we understand motherhood. It sometimes seems simple, sometimes complex. Its definition is sometimes biological, ...

ODC's Theater Unplugged Returns With Larry Arrington In The Spotlight

Published: 2019-07-31T02:47:35Z 

Next month, ODC Theater will present Resident Artist Larry Arrington in a work-in-progress showing for her newest project titled No Quarter.

Man stabs father 10 times in Las Vegas valley movie theater , police say

Published: 2019-07-31T01:39:27Z 

HENDERSON (KTNV) — Police say a man stabbed his father 10 times inside a movie theater at the Fiesta Henderson Hotel and Casino, and then told ...

New Jubilee Theatre director aims to continue family-friendly fare

Published: 2019-07-31T00:33:45Z 

The new theater director for Mission Waco's Jubilee Theatre, Angela Everett, has good news for those who appreciated the theater's 2018-19 season: ...

Twilight Theater Triumphantly Takes on the Pulitzer Prize-Winning How I Learned to Drive

Published: 2019-07-31T00:11:15Z 

Don't fault anyone for not wanting to see Twilight Theater Company's astounding production of Paula Vogel's How I Learned to Drive. While the play ...

THE VERGE Extends At Firehouse Theater

Published: 2019-07-30T23:15:00Z 

Firehouse Theatre and the Branch Museum of Architecture and Design are pleased to announce that they will extend Dante Piro's interactive play THE ...

Ramsey Children's Theater Brings Special Needs To Front Stage

Published: 2019-07-30T23:15:00Z 

COON RAPIDS, Minn (WCCO) — It takes a special person to shed their shyness and step onto a stage. That's all the more apparent when you're living ...

Crossing Borders Returns to Two River Theater

Published: 2019-07-30T23:03:45Z 

The Two River Theater is bringing the 9th annual Crossing Borders (Cruzando Fronteras), an annual four-day festival featuring free readings of works ...

Regal Unlimited will be first movie theater subscription in Idaho Falls

Published: 2019-07-30T23:02:51Z 

For $18 per month, subscribers will be able to see an unlimited number of regular movies at that theater, the only Regal location in eastern Idaho, ...

Comedy and Improv theater coming to the Blackstone District

Published: 2019-07-30T22:52:30Z 

According to a release from Big Canvas, a nonprofit with the mission of "Comedy for Everyone," they will be opening a new comedy theater in the ...

Preparations underway for Theater in the Park at Whitewater State Park

Published: 2019-07-30T21:56:15Z 

The project has been in the works for the past year and half when Lead Interpretive Naturalist Sara Holger envisioned a theater project for the ...

JCC starts youth theater program

Published: 2019-07-30T21:22:30Z 

Lang said, "Theater is a great way for kids to discover their talents and passions for performance. 'Beauty and the Beast' is a children's classic, and I'm ...

Weekend Alert: 15 things to do: Live theater , art shows, dance parties, poetry and yoga, right in ...

Published: 2019-07-30T21:11:15Z 

A large cast, non-stop laughs and explosive dance numbers combine to make "Mamma Mia" a guaranteed smash hit for any theater. A mother, a ...

Photo Flash: BROWN Smashes Stereotypes At NY Theater Festival

Published: 2019-07-30T21:11:15Z 

BROWN had its world premiere the first week of July at the Hudson Guild Theater, as part of the NY Theater Festival in its Summerfest 2019 version.

FUDGE ft. Caleb Hearon & Bad Bear

Published: 2019-07-30T20:55:05Z 

Four best buds having a fun-ass time. Every Tuesday, the boys of FUDGE converse with the audience and then create a night of hilarious improv ...

Off-Broadway's Atlantic Theater to Host Immigrant MixFest

Published: 2019-07-30T20:48:45Z 

Atlantic Theater Company continues its MixFest series, an annual festival of free, new play readings, with Immigrant MixFest this summer.

Deaf man says he couldn't watch 'The Lion King' because of movie theater's faulty closed ...

Published: 2019-07-30T20:47:27Z 

A deaf man and his girlfriend, who were looking forward to a date night at their local movie theater, are now asking for an apology after multiple pairs ...

The road to the White House runs through Michigan & Detroit's historic Fox Theater

Published: 2019-07-30T20:44:17Z 

Detroit's historic Fox Theater is ready to make history again. This time around, it will be with 20 politically hungry Democratic presidential candidates.

Movie News Update

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After The Cats Movie Trailer, Another Cat-Themed Movie Adds To Its Cast

Published: 2019-07-31T03:56:15Z 

The Tom and Jerry movie will also star Colin Jost, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Michael Pena. Fantastic Four and Ride Along director Tim Story is directly ...

Players Club Movie Channel

Published: 2019-07-31T01:43:48Z 

A collection of sexy movies and shorts created for you. Scroll through and make the dealers choice on which steamy movies to watch today! Content ...

New Gods Director Confirms Darkseid Is In The Movie

Published: 2019-07-31T00:22:30Z 

The upcoming New Gods movie, from A Wrinkle in Time's Ava DuVernay is finally beginning to pick up some traction and we couldn't be more excited ...

Regal Unlimited Movie Subscriptions Are Here, and They're a Better Bargain Than AMC Stubs A-List

Published: 2019-07-30T22:41:15Z 

Two years ago, MoviePass pioneered the concept of all-you-can-eat movie-going subscriptions. (And thanks for that.) Despite the popularity of the ...

'Avengers: Endgame' Star Angela Bassett Reveals She Has Yet To Watch Movie

Published: 2019-07-30T22:18:45Z 

The wildly popular movie, which clocks in at just over three hours, recently became the highest-grossing film of all time, making Bassett's confession all ...

The Dungeons And Dragons Movie Has Finally Found Its New Directors

Published: 2019-07-30T22:18:45Z 

Major updates concerning the next Dungeons and Dragons movie have been light over the last several years, but it looks like the project has finally ...

Movie review: Cop/Uber driver buddy comedy delivers some laughs

Published: 2019-07-30T22:17:48Z 

It's hard to call "Stuber" America's newest comedy hit. Rather, it's a comedy. And, it's in theaters. You should go see it if you like action comedies.

'Four Weddings and a Funeral' series drops the movie's bouquet

Published: 2019-07-30T21:56:15Z 

Disconnected from the movie, it's basically just another means of creating a show about mixed-up Millennials, for richer and (mostly) poorer.

5 Best Movie Proposal Scenes in Cinematic History

Published: 2019-07-30T21:45:00Z 

We all love a good marriage proposal, especially in movies. Grab a tissue and check out our list of the top five movie proposal scenes in cinematic ...

'Game Night' Directors Eyed to Helm 'Dungeons & Dragons' Movie

Published: 2019-07-30T21:33:45Z 

Just a few months later, The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay's name was floated out there as the likely candidate to take on the project, ...

Idris Elba struggles to explain what 'Cats' is about: 'I guess it's about a, uh, a cat'

Published: 2019-07-30T21:22:30Z 

"Uh, wow. What a way to throw me under the bus there," joked Elba, who plays Macavity the Mystery Cat in the upcoming movie musical. "It's a classic.

The Former Flash Directors Make a Saving Throw for the Dungeons & Dragons Movie

Published: 2019-07-30T21:11:15Z 

long in the works, seemingly cursed Flash standalone DC movie, Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley will replace now-outgoing director Chris ...

Remember MoviePass? Regal is launching its own unlimited movie subscription

Published: 2019-07-30T21:00:00Z 

The movie theater company, which operates 550 theaters across the United States, announced on Friday a plan to offer unlimited movies at select ...

'Game Night' Duo in Talks to Direct 'Dungeons & Dragons' Movie

Published: 2019-07-30T20:38:36Z 

stand-alone Flash movie, will be replacing Lego Batman director Chris McKay, who was previously attached to direct and is now set for Chris Pratt ...

What It's Like to Work on 20+ Marvel Movies

Published: 2019-07-30T20:37:30Z 

Alonso has worked on 22 (and counting) Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies, including Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Avengers: ...

What's A Movie That Only Scared You A Little Bit?

Published: 2019-07-30T20:35:28Z 

~However~ there are some quasi-horror movies that aren't gonna make you shit your pants, but are just scary enough to give you a lil' rush.

Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood Fact-Checked: What the Movie Gets Right and Wrong

Published: 2019-07-30T20:35:03Z 

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we ...

The best movie scenes of 2019 so far

Published: 2019-07-30T20:14:46Z 

The best movie scenes are often the ones that strike curiosity and debate or unite an audience in complete and utter horror, hilarity, confusion, triumph, ...

The Irishman Is One of the Most Ambitious Movies of Martin Scorsese's Career

Published: 2019-07-30T20:12:17Z 

Martin Scorsese has been at the helm of some of cinema's biggest cultural revelations. Mean Streets defied conventions to usher in a new movement ...

Forty years and many flops after 'The Muppet Movie ,' do people still care about Muppets?

Published: 2019-07-30T19:53:38Z 

Gonzo (from left), Camilla, Scooter, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and Dr. Teeth climb aboard the Electric Mayhem Bus in "The Muppet Movie." (Photo: ...

Television News Update

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Which 'Descendants' Star Has the Highest Net Worth?

Published: 2019-07-31T04:41:15Z 

McClain landed her first recurring role in the television series House of Payne, in which she played the character Jazmine Payne from 2006 to 2012.

American singer Bazzi performs 'Paradise' in his Australian television debut

Published: 2019-07-31T00:45:00Z 

Hailing from the United States, Bazzi is a singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer. Watch the live performance of Paradise in the video above.

Busy Film and Television Producer seeks Assistant

Published: 2019-07-31T00:33:45Z 

Busy Film and Television Producer seeking an experienced assistant. Requires two+ years of Industry experience working on a desk at an agency, ...

How The CW's 'Riverdale' Provides A Direction Through The Cluttered Streaming Landscape

Published: 2019-07-31T00:11:09Z 

There are already over 300 streaming services in the United States, and many of them feature acclaimed and popular films and television shows.

'The Bachelorette': Hannah Brown Had Some 'Beast Mode' Meltdowns That Were So Bad They ...

Published: 2019-07-30T22:18:45Z 

"feeling all the feels because they are about to kick me off your television, and it's becoming real that these people have to move on to another rose ...

Samsung And Minted Bring Art To Your Television

Published: 2019-07-30T22:06:53Z 

In recent years, television technology has rapidly improved. Screens are clearer and larger. Colors are truer and brighter. Units are thinner and ...

'Gainesville Ripper' is coming to television , again. New season will feature old murders

Published: 2019-07-30T21:33:45Z 

It's been 29 years since Danny Rolling horrifically murdered five college students in Gainesville, giving him the moniker of the "Gainesville Ripper.".

NBL television deal could launch Illawarra Hawks into US basketball market

Published: 2019-07-30T21:00:00Z 

The Illawarra Hawks could suddenly become every American basketball fan's second favourite team after the NBL's television rights deal is ...

Why Misha Collins Doesn't Think Supernatural Would Have Gotten On The Air Today

Published: 2019-07-30T20:41:07Z 

And rightly so. But it is an interesting opportunity for us to explore masculinity from a different perspective than it is looked in television, and I think it's a ...

Television's History Channel behind efforts to exhume John Dillinger's body

Published: 2019-07-30T20:15:00Z 

INDIANAPOLIS — Television's History Channel says it is working with relatives of John Dillinger to have his body exhumed from its grave in Crown Hill ...

Sinclair Shares Slip On 'Contingent' Redemption News

Published: 2019-07-30T20:01:32Z 

Sinclair Broadcast Group on Monday announced that its Sinclair Television Group subsidiary has notified the trustee for its 5.375% Senior Notes due ...

'Masterchef' Gordon Ramsay shoots goat live on television , Twitterati term him 'inhuman'

Published: 2019-07-30T19:49:36Z 

Gordon Ramsay went on to shoot a goat on live Television for his latest episode. If that wasn't enough he even cooked the goat and ate it in the ...

Could The Camper Van Crowd Keep STELAR Shining?

Published: 2019-07-30T19:30:00Z 

... Monika Geraci, DirecTV and DISH don't have a satellite product that can provide different local signals as people travel between television markets.

Opinion | The Prime Minister's television surprise

Published: 2019-07-30T19:18:45Z 

The buzz is unmistakable. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to appear on Discovery channel's survival show, Man Vs. Wild. It will be ...

Best TV Stand

Published: 2019-07-30T19:07:30Z 

If you do have a big-screen television that you're proud enough to display, you're going to need a quality stand to go along with it. Even if you decide ...

Blackout battle between broadcasters and cable providers spills into Washington

Published: 2019-07-30T18:33:45Z 

The lobbying and influence push comes as the 2014 Satellite Television Extension ... Television providers cheered the bill, while broadcasters scoffed.

Local Television Stations Required to Change Broadcast Frequencies by August 2nd: What TV ...

Published: 2019-07-30T18:00:00Z 

If you are receiving over-the-air broadcast television, you will have to scan your TV or Convertor box to update it to the new broadcast frequencies.

Television bailiff who is also veteran Texas deputy arrested for wife's murder

Published: 2019-07-30T17:37:30Z 

Harris County Sheriff's deputy Renard Spivey, who most recently appeared as a bailiff on the television show, "Justice for all with Judge Christina ...

Retransmission Consent Revenue: An 11% Growth Engine

Published: 2019-07-30T17:26:15Z 

Indeed, in most cases a television broadcasting company and an MVPD can come to terms on a retrans consent agreement without any fear of a ...

Van Hollen, Colleagues in Renewed Call for FCC to Protect Community Television Channels

Published: 2019-07-30T17:14:13Z 

Van Hollen, Colleagues in Renewed Call for FCC to Protect Community Television Channels. U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), this week joined ...

Entertainment News Update

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Cardi B Speaks Out After Postponing Concert Due to Security Threat: 'My Safety and Your Safety First'

Published: 2019-07-31T05:22:38Z 

Cardi B was forced to call off a performance in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Tuesday due to a "threat" against the artist, according to police. The Invasion of Privacy rapper took to Twitter after the show was postponed just an hour prior to the scheduled start time, ...

Cardi B postponed her Indianapolis concert after police warned of an 'unverified threat'

Published: 2019-07-31T04:05:00Z 

(CNN) Cardi B postponed a show in Indianapolis Tuesday night after police said they were "notified of an unverified threat to the artist." "There is no immediate threat to public safety, this is not an active incident," the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police ...

The Bachelorette: Read the Story About Jed Wyatt That Sparked Hannah Brown's Breakup

Published: 2019-07-31T03:59:00Z 

Jed Wyatt was an early frontrunner to win Hannah Brown's heart on this season of The Bachelorette — but allegations that he had a girlfriend when he left to film the show changed everything. On Monday and Tuesday's season finale, fans watched as Brown ...

A$AP Rocky Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charges in Sweden

Published: 2019-07-31T03:55:42Z 

A$AP Rocky pleaded not guilty to assault charges in Sweden during his opening trial date in Stockholm, Sweden on Tuesday. The rapper and two other individuals, Bladimir Emilio Corniel and David Tyrone Rispers, have been charged with assault for ...

Hannah Brown Asks Runner-Up Tyler Cameron on a Date After Ending Engagement with Jed Wyatt

Published: 2019-07-31T03:06:29Z 

"I thought maybe we could go for a drink and just hang out," Hannah Brown asked Tyler Cameron during The Bachelorette finale. By Christina Dugan and Aurelie Corinthios. July 30, 2019 11:06 PM. FB Twitter More. Pinterest Email Print Send Text Message.

The Bachelor Australia 2019: Where to Follow the Contestants on Instagram

Published: 2019-07-31T03:05:46Z 

The countdown to The Bachelor Australia is almost over! Astrophysicist Matt Agnew is tasked with whittling down 28 eligible bachelorettes to hopefully find 'the one'. There's still a lot more to learn about the women vying for Matt's heart, even after pouring over ...

What's on TV Wednesday, July 31: 'Jane the Virgin' series finale

Published: 2019-07-31T03:02:58Z 

Jane the Virgin The romantic dramedy based on a Venezuelan telenovela ends its run with a two-hour event that begins with a behind-the-scenes episode with cast interviews. Then, in the series finale — written by creator and executive producer Jennie ...

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap: 'The end of an era'

Published: 2019-07-31T03:01:34Z 

Dearly beloved trash-consumers, we are gathered here today to witness the end of a very odd season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In many ways, this is the first time I've ever believed any of these women actually like each other. In most ways ...

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: How They Feel About Getting Back Together After Reuniting For Dog's Death

Published: 2019-07-31T02:52:18Z 

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux came together for the sad moment their dog, Dolly, passed away, and it was a reflection of the bond they still share since their divorce. Jennifer Aniston, 50, and Justin Theroux, 47, shared a tough moment this week when ...

Cardi B Speaks Out After Security Threat Forces Her to Cancel Concert

Published: 2019-07-31T02:50:47Z 

Cardi B is breaking her silence. On Tuesday evening, the "Press" rapper took to Instagram to share the sad news that she would be canceling her concert in Indiana. But for a good reason. "Dear Indiana I just want to let you know I was in the venue today.

Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy blasted for R-rated review of Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Published: 2019-07-31T02:34:00Z 

A film reviewer from The Hollywood Reporter has been blasted for "creepy" parts of his review of children's film Dora and the Lost City of Gold. It is the first live-action film adaptation in the Dora the Explorer franchise, following the popular animated children's ...

The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 11 Recap & Review [LIVE UPDATES]

Published: 2019-07-31T02:31:53Z 

The Handmaid's Tale season 3 episode 11, titled "Liars," airs tonight at 12:00 a.m. ET, 11:00 p.m. CT. The official Hulu description for the episode reads: "A return to Jezebels puts everything in jeopardy. Serena Joy and Commander Waterford take a ...

The "Orange Is The New Black" Cast In The Pilot Vs. Series Finale

Published: 2019-07-31T02:28:05Z 

Then: Piper gets sent to prison for a crime she committed ten years earlier. She goes into jail engaged to Larry but soon finds herself reuniting with her ex, Alex. Now: After all of her prison escapades, Piper gets out and struggles to adjust. Ultimately, she ...

Ellie Kemper on Her America's Got Talent Golden Buzzer: They're the 'Definition of Spectacle'

Published: 2019-07-31T02:00:22Z 

Ellie Kemper has selected her America's Got Talent Golden Buzzer winner! The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star, 39, served as a guest judge for Tuesday's Judge Cuts episode during which she bestowed the Ukranian dance troupe Light Balance Kids with ...

'The Bachelorette': Hannah Brown Gives It Another Go With Runner-Up in Dramatic Finale

Published: 2019-07-31T01:58:48Z 

Hannah Brown ended things with a bang. Night one of The Bachelorette's two-night finale saw Hannah's dramatic breakup with Peter Weber (who later explained his girlfriend drama on After the Final Rose), but the beauty queen decided the next night who ...

Jade Roper Tolbert Reveals She Gave Birth in Her Closet: 'One of the Scariest Moments of My Life'

Published: 2019-07-31T01:56:00Z 

Jade Roper Tolbert is opening up about the shocking and terrifying way she welcomed her baby boy into the world. On Tuesday, just hours after PEOPLE exclusively revealed that Jade, 31, and her husband Tanner Tolbert, 32, are now parents of two — Jade ...

Zoey 101 cast reunites — minus Jamie Lynn Spears — amid reboot buzz

Published: 2019-07-31T01:31:09Z 

The reboot rumors have been swirling around Nickelodeon's Zoey 101 recently, and a new cast "reunion" will no doubt amp up the anticipation even more. The stars of the teen series, which ran from 2005-2008, recently gathered for dinner with the show's ...

The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown Ends Engagement with Jed Wyatt After Learning He Told 'Half-Truths'

Published: 2019-07-31T01:25:00Z 

"That's not what I said 'yes' to," Hannah Brown told her then-fiancé on Tuesday night's finale of The Bachelorette. By Dana Rose Falcone. July 30, 2019 09:25 PM. FB Twitter More. Pinterest Email Print Send Text Message. Video Player is loading. Play Video.

Jordyn Woods Opens Up About Her and Kylie Jenner's Status and the 'Cancerous' Backlash She Got Online

Published: 2019-07-31T01:21:00Z 

Jordyn Woods announced this afternoon that she is Cosmopolitan UK's September cover girl, and her big interview with them just went up tonight. This is Woods' first candid discussion on the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal since she appeared on Jada ...

We Heart: The Newport Folk Festival's Feminist Jam Session

Published: 2019-07-31T01:11:33Z 

Last weekend, Newport Folk Festival attendees bore witness to a groundbreaking occasion: the event's first all-female headlining collaboration. brandicarlile Verified. 326.7k followers. View Profile · brandicarlile Verified. 1,193 posts · 326.7k followers.

Music News Update

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Commentary: LA needs a summer music festival. Piano Spheres and Monday Evening Concerts ...

Published: 2019-07-31T02:57:54Z 

There remains no word on a promised Music Center international festival. But an ad-hoc, quintessentially L.A. music festival just might have begun ...

Celebration Concert Tours Music City Celebration

Published: 2019-07-31T02:00:12Z 

Live at the Ryman. Celebration Concert Tours Music City Celebration. October 13 @ 7:30 pm. $25. On sale Friday, August 2 at 10 AM. BUY TICKETS.

Music Preview: Froth at Felton Music Hall

Published: 2019-07-30T23:18:08Z 

The members of Froth nearly released a blank record once, just because the idea sounded hilarious to them. This was before the band actually ...

Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting puts other Bay Area food, music events on high alert

Published: 2019-07-30T23:06:10Z 

As a gunman opened fire on a cheerful Sunday afternoon crowd at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, organizers of the Watsonville Strawberry Festival ...

Why We Don't Turn Down The Volume When The Music Gets Louder

Published: 2019-07-30T21:22:30Z 

In the 1984 film "This Is Spinal Tap", Nigel Tufnel (played by Christopher Guest) famously turns him amplifiers all the way up to eleven. His attitude to ...

Country Music Landmark to Be Demolished for a Margaritaville Hotel

Published: 2019-07-30T21:00:00Z 

On Tuesday, plans moved forward to replace a historic landmark of country music history with a Margaritaville hotel. Since 2017, the building located ...

Rihanna and Spotify Are Teasing New Music , According to Excited Fans

Published: 2019-07-30T20:48:45Z 

Fans are becoming increasingly desperate to hear new music from Rihanna, whose last release was her 2016 album Anti, which featured massive hits ...

Developers hope to open The Banks music venue next fall. City and county still negotiating details ...

Published: 2019-07-30T20:48:04Z 

The glass and reflective metal facade of the new music venue planned for Cincinnati's riverfront shined in new renderings unveiled to city and county ...

Artificial Intelligence and Music : What to Expect?

Published: 2019-07-30T20:33:23Z 

Can a computer program really beat humans in creating such algorithms and generate musical compositions that are good? Today, you can find AI ...

mike biggane to join universal music group as executive vice president of music strategies and tactics

Published: 2019-07-30T20:30:07Z 

SANTA MONICA, July 30, 2019 — Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, announced today that Mike Biggane ...

Azoff, Capshaw, Silva Join Forces on Music Artists Coalition

Published: 2019-07-30T20:24:25Z 

Led by top managers Irving Azoff, Coran Capshaw and John Silva, a group of artists, songwriters and artist representatives have formed the Music ...

Adirondack Independence Music Festival Expands 2019 Lineup

Published: 2019-07-30T20:04:12Z 

Twiddle are among the additions to the 2019 Adirondack Independence Music Festival lineup. The 2-day event will take place at the Charles R. Wood ...

Tool is making its music available for streaming for the first time ever

Published: 2019-07-30T19:49:34Z 

Look, we can't believe it, either, but the new Tool album that's been percolating for, oh, 13 years is really, truly arriving on August 30. To help convince ...

Jordyn Woods Stars in Rick Ross' 'BIG TYME' Music Video Amidst Ongoing Kardashian Drama

Published: 2019-07-30T19:32:25Z 

Rick Ross just dropped the music video for his song 'BIG TYME' featuring Swizz Beatz, with Jordyn Woods appearing alongside the rapper as his love ...

"SilentHike" Transports Participants Through Music and Meditation In Paris, Berlin, and... Philly!

Published: 2019-07-30T19:18:45Z 

Composer and pianist Murray Hidary leads groups of people in "MindTravel," his musical meditation experience, in which participants listen to music ...

The August 2019 Classical Music Concerts to Attend in NYC

Published: 2019-07-30T18:45:00Z 

Also at Geffen Hall, Handel arias frame Mozart's "Jupiter" Symphony, performed by the Budapest Festival Orchestra and Music Director Iván Fischer, ...

Saturday morning music appreciation

Published: 2019-07-30T18:44:45Z 

You can force the kids to grow up, but our American musical heritage will stay with us forever. Even if it was delivered by Saturday morning cartoons.

Should You Buy Tencent Music Stock Before Earnings?

Published: 2019-07-30T18:33:45Z 

Today, we're taking one high-profile Wall Street pick and putting it under the microscope... Tencent Music Entertainment (NYSE:TME) investors have ...

Music From China to share exotic, beautiful melodies at Musikfest's Volksplatz

Published: 2019-07-30T18:33:45Z 

Chinese music, which has existed since ancient times, is some of the world's most beautiful. The ensemble Music From China will be presenting these ...

In a globalized world, music fragments take unexpected roads

Published: 2019-07-30T18:33:45Z 

So goes the story of modern music. A century of near-continuous recording, packaging, repackaging, riffing and?— more recently?— ?the technical ...